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Mindfulness and

Upcoming eight-week programmes and workshops

Scroll down for more information about the 8 week programme and click here for further details about the intensive 3 hour workshop


Our Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Programme brings the science behind and benefits of mindfulness together in an interactive, engaging and informative 8-week programme.

  • 01 Expertise

    The design of the programme utilises over 20 years of its creator's experience in psychotherapy, counselling and teaching

  • 02 ethical framework

    Our Facilitators are fully trained and accredited, receiving on-going support from a BACP accredited supervisor

  • 03 Experiential

    Experience the benefits in real time, with a diverse range of practical exercises in each session

  • 04 Science

    Explore the science behind mindfulness to fully understand the proven benefits and how to utilise it in daily life

  • 05 Accessibility

    The programme is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of knowledge, experience and beliefs

How does it benefit you?

Whether you’re looking to for a way to increase happiness in your personal life or wanting to explore mindfulness as a tool in the workplace, our 8-week programme can deliver a whole host of benefits.


    • Regular practice will enable you to identify habitual response patterns and therefore break negative cycles in order for you to live positively


    • Scientific studies have shown that an 8 week course can change the brain structure, lessening anxiety and depression, and boosting happiness


    • Mindfulness will enable you to better organise your thoughts and imaginings, affording you a clearer, proactive mind and making way for innovation and creativity


    • By shrinking the brain’s stress centre, it slows the release of cortisol and can therefore help to lower blood pressure and beat burnout

Your questions answered

What can I expect?

Each session includes guided meditations, group activities and digestible facts to expand your knowledge and enable you to work regular practice into your daily routine.

What support will I receive?

As well as course materials handed to you each session, you’ll receive audio recordings of guided meditations, so you can continue to practice outside of the sessions. We’ll send you a new guided meditation each week, direct to your inbox.


What will I learn?
  • How to understand the workings of your mind and who you are at your core
  • The science behind mindfulness
  • The difference between experiencing and thinking
  • How to manage the pressures and stresses of day-to-day life
  • How to become the master of your mind
  • More productive ways to manage thoughts and imaginings
  • How to release judgements of yourself and others
  • How meditation can increase the neural pathways to happiness
  • To identify and change outmoded habits and patterns of behaviour
  • The power of gratitude and how it can enhance your quality of life
Why eight weeks?

MRI scans have proven that 8 weeks of mindfulness training can permanently change your brain structure. The scans revealed that mindfulness practice shrinks the brain’s stress centre, and increases grey matter in the creative, problem-solving area of the brain.

How big are the groups?

Each programme runs as a closed group, limited to 10 participants and lead by an expert practitioner.

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