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Corporate mindfulness


Mental health costs UK employers an average of £1,035 per employee

Mental health costs UK employers an average of £1,035 per employee

One in four adults suffers with mental health issues – this costs UK employers an average of £26 billion each year
Stress, depression and anxiety account for 9.9 million lost days

Stress, depression and anxiety account for 9.9 million lost days

These huge numbers make stress, depression and anxiety the biggest causes of absenteeism
Impaired productivity costs UK employers £15.1 billion

Impaired productivity costs UK employers £15.1 billion

According to government research, presenteeism is a bigger drain on UK employers than absenteeism


Employee resilience

The introduction on an eight-week mindfulness programme can result in a long-term reduction in stress, anxiety and depression, and a greater ability to bounce back from adversity

Innovation and creativity

Meditators have less cognitive rigidity. The Walt Disney Co. design and development ‘Imagineers’ began using meditation to enhance their creativity more than 30 years ago

Focus and attention

The mind spends between 15 and 50 per cent of time wandering. Mindfulness meditation can curb this tendency to be distracted, therefore sharpening concentration and focus

Strategic problem solving

Mindfulness meditation can strengthen the area of the brain associated with learning from past life experiences, therefore supporting strengthened decision making

Leadership and management

By strengthening emotional intelligence, mindfulness can improve empathic ability and patience, enabling managers to better understand and respond to the needs of their teams

Productivity and profits

Increasing happiness and improving sleep patterns, many employers endorse mindfulness as an effective tool for improving productivity and giving them a competitive edge

Research has proven mindfulness to be a

useful tool in the workplace

Transport for London introduced a mindfulness programme with the following results


of staff were happier


of staff were more relaxed


saw improvements to their sleeping patterns


less absence related to stress, anxiety and depression

Why The Evolutionaries?

Our approach to development and learning have been tailored for the modern-day workforce. In addition to our programme creators’ 20+ years as a psychotherapist, we’ve drawn on our team’s collective experience in the advertising, recruitment, technology and publishing industries. The result is a powerful yet accessible introduction to mindfulness, that can be fully embraced within high-pressured, fast-paced environments.

  • 01 Expertise

    The design of the programme utilises over 20 years of its creator's experience in psychotherapy, counselling and teaching

  • 02 ethical framework

    Our Facilitators are fully trained and receive on-going support from a BACP accredited supervisor

  • 03 Experiential

    Your team will experience the benefits in real time, with a diverse range of practical exercises in each session

  • 04 Science

    Participants will explore the science behind mindfulness to fully understand the proven benefits and how to utilise it in daily life

  • 05 Audio meditation

    We'll send your employees weekly audio meditations and support emails to encourage maximum benefits


  • Professional training programme

    • Whether we host two programmes for 20 employees or 15 programmes for 150, our carefully-structured training sessions guarantee each participant receives the same high quality education to support personal and professional development.

  • Learning materials to support long-term gain

    • As well as the training sessions, attendees will be given takeaway information sheets and action points to be completed each week. Participants will also be sent weekly audio meditations to ensure they maintain their practice and begin factoring mindfulness into their daily routines.

  • Designed for the working environment

    • We know your time is of the essence so have broken the programme down into eight digestible 60-minute sessions (one per week over an eight-week period). The sessions will take place at the same time on the same day each week, so they can be easily factored in to busy schedules.

  • Delivered in your office

    • When booking with us, you will be assigned a Facilitator who will see your programme through from start to finish. Training can take place in any quiet space within your office; all we need is enough seating for each of the participants.

  • Carefully considered group sizes

    • Each training group is limited to 10 participants in order for all content to be covered within the allotted time. What’s more, training groups are closed as it’s key that all eight sessions are attended in order to achieve the desired benefits. We also feel this enables the group to establish a tight-knit dynamic which promotes open discussion and sees that each participant receives the support required.

  • All inclusive package

    • The Evolutionaries Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Programme is priced at £3,500 + VAT for the full eight weeks, inclusive of all training materials for up to 10 participants.

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